DreamWeds professionals are passionate about organizing high-level Destination Weddings and dedicated to planning your dream day effortlessly. We endeavor to make your Destination Wedding a memorable event that reflects your personality and style. All our sequential stages of planning are executed the way absolutely what you imagine for your most special day.   Our wedding specialists are engaged in finding a perfect location for you. Whether you want a Beach Wedding, you can opt for a beachfront ceremony or a garden reception. Similarly, you may desire for a mountain view event with spectacular views flowing from all directions. Special aesthetics are the need of Palace and City Weddings. We specialize in all kinds of wedding events and have the expertise, resources, and commitment to make it all happen in a seamless way. Convey your requirements to our experts and let them transform your vision into reality.    Here’s what all you can expect in our Destination Wedding package:   
  • Destination selection 
  • Dedicated onsite wedding planner
  • Venue management 
  • Pre-wedding festivities planning
  • Event themes and decor 
  • Bouquet and floral arrangement 
  • Guests list and invitation 
  • Accommodation for guests 
  • Catering and wedding cake
  • Musical performances 
  • Cocktail event arrangements 
  • Bridal makeup and hair styling
  • Photography services 
  • Spa treatments





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